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Apple Bites Man (again).

So here we go again, folks. People are pissed that their iPhones batteries are non-replaceable… and the pissed people are suing.

Isn’t this deja vu all over again? Didn’t the same sort of thing happen with the ipod? Didn’t people get completely pissed about the idea of such an expensive battery replacement, only for Apple to eventually lower the cost, settle the class action, and play the damage control game that they’re so good at?

But now that I think about it, isn’t this the same thing that happens time and time again, thanks to the proprietary nature of Apple and their products?

And yet isn’t it the same apologists who defend Apple in the aftermath, saying how it was just a misunderstanding by Apple, that they trust them overall as a company, and how in the larger view, Apple is really getting much better about open specifications?

Yeah. All of those things.

Part of it doesn’t suprise me, though, given Apple has teamed up with AT&T for the iPhone. In fact, it only makes sense. The mobile phone market, at least in the US, is a veritable corporate police state, one backed time and time again by the full faith of the Federal government, with each provider doing everything it can to assure that you don’t use an unauthorised phone on their network. And if you do use an authorised one? Well, then, thou shalt not piss in the face of God, for lo, he is benevolent but quick to anger.

Years ago, prior to Ma Bell grudgingly allowing third-party phones onto their copper, you had to rent them. And yet here we are again, well into the the twenty-first century, doomed to repeat history.

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