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beware the silver-studded phantom

Events transpired which led me to spruce up the weblog a bit early, perhaps before I was quite ready, and mostly as a distraction from said events. Newly created theme, newly named blog, same old content, at least for the time being. Not that I expect to remove much of anything. But maybe I’ll be inspired to write a bit more interesting content.

I may still do some theme tweaking… and i certainly don’t know what this site looks like in MSIE. Tough nuts.

All graphics created by yours truly. Title graphic font is bluecake, a nice — and free — font by the chaps at les rats bleus.

At very least, if you have this site in your blogroll, it won’t look like you’ve publicly bookmarked your pr0n.

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New Direction Home*

I am considering changing the name, look, and/or focus of my weblog. Hopefully it will allow me regain some of that ability to write that has atrophied over the last 5-7 years or so.

Besides, “It’ll Hurt if I Swallow” was funny then, but that, bundled with the Cibo Matto food quote, and the infamous habanero, is just too much a complex-yet-bland pun.

Alternately, I may start a new instance of WordPress and archive this one, or kind of partition my writing amongst them. Not sure yet. Nonetheless, my primary audience will still be myself.

* No, that won’t be the title.

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Long in the tooth.

The timeframe this author discusses is a little bit before my time, but for some reason I find the commentary fascinating.

I grew up in a Crest toothpaste family. Most of my friends were from cooler Colgate families. A very few buds, ones with confusingly hot moms, were from the rare but sexy Pepsodent families.

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Edible Yards

If you haven’t checked out the weblog I have linked over there called Inhabitat, you should check it out. They spotlight really cool home and living ideas which are both stylish and eco-friendly.

I like this recent entry. It’s just too bad that so many community covenants in the US limit homeowners to setting aside more than x% of their yard for vegetation use, much less do they allow it in the front yards. People have hyperbolic beliefs and care a little too much about perceived value of homes and not enough about sustenance.

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Dear WebStats4U:

Yeah, I know. You changed your name. You keep talking about all these big improvements to your service, how it’s better than ever. I know you used to serve up pop-up ads when I went to go look at my stats, but that never bothered me much, because I usually use Firefox.

But what do you do now? In the past week or so you’ve started serving up pop-up ads through my own site?

In that case, fuck you very much.

Edit: Seems like I’m not the only one pissed. Meanwhile, I might have to check out Google Analytics.

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Gary nails it about perfectly, in my opinion, regarding this new weblog publicity service, BlogExplosion. The modern Internet has never been one of maturity, and as per usual, BlogExplosion looks to be the same puerile antics.

If I were in the same situation as Gary mentioned, would I get “mad” if someone rated me a one? No, and I certainly wouldn’t, in some weird revenge-laden moment, return the “favour” out of reciprocal spite, but at the same time, it’s still nothing I even need to get myself involved with, in the first place.

I’m a little smarter about these things now. It’s kinda along the same lines as what I said before about Friendster — I just don’t see the need to add more things to my agenda that can have the tendency to contribute to stress and animosity. I do find myself migrating, by choice, back to the outer edge these days, that’s for sure — even in times where I’m closer to the inner circle.

I’m sure there’s a little lesson of Dao in there somewhere, but I am not going to search for it.

It will be interesting to see just how much BlogExplosion takes off, or if it collapses under its own weight. The whole weblogging thing, to me, has seemed kind of “organic”, very much meme-based, where loose meshes of content are created by discovery. I don’t really mind ping services. and even things like Daypop kind of collects URLs and does a bit of statistical analysis, but still leaves it up to the reader to explore. BlogExplosion, however, does the discovery — if you can even call it that — for you. It’s like a 24-7 pizza buffet or something. It’s like people-watching at Wal-Mart — or perhaps more like dropping the same Wal-Mart down, smack in the middle of the Redwood Forest.

It is far too early to say whether BlogExplosion will have a big change on the weblog world, and admittedly, if it doesn’t, something else like it will, in all eventuality, succeed. It does signify a big change in how weblogs are accessed, however — though this sort of thing has, arguably, been evolving for a while now — and whether I necessarily like it or not, it’s going to happen.

In any case, when I first started weblogging in 2000, I said I was writing for me, and although it is fun, simply for the statistical side of things, to see how people encounter this weblog, I guess I don’t actively seek out a smorgasbord of readers, either.

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More cheerful

MasaManiA has to be my new favourite weblog. I first learned about it, having been sent this link about Japanese businessmen, but the whole site is fantastic.

Update: The site may not be 100% SFW. Oops.

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