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That last entry is kind of an off-kilter but nonetheless viable segue into a realisation that I need to seriously consider making another concerted effort at meditation again, hopefully attaining at least a modicum of mastery. Monkey mind? A barrel-full of monkeys, my head is!

I’ve probably said this all before, but it’s a reminder to myself.

ZAMM was a nice diversion earlier this year, but it’s more philosophy than any sort of “mental relaxation” tome — something Pirsig himself acknowledges in the beginning of the book. I don’t know why I am even drawing it into this internal monologue other than the fact that 1) it is a passing reference to Zen, 2) I got a lot out of it and 3) it was a way to remove my mind from its constant churning, high-rev state. ZAMM is deep, to be sure. Maybe deep enough that I was able to focus that energy. Whatever the case, sometimes it revs so high that sticking to any one thing is impossible. I need to once again find an outlet.

Meditation, if I could achieve some sort of success, will be good. I will certainly need to be able to maintain level mindsets and focus when the baby comes!

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